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One Hour ... $150   /   Ninety Minutes ... $200


Reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears represent the body in miniature. Working these specific points connects with the thousands of nerves in the feet encouraging balance, health, and deep relaxation.



This healing relaxation technique using specific hand placements promotes relief from pain, allows freedom from restriction, and supports peace of mind.


Cranial Sacral

Through the gentle positioning of hands on the body there is a release of stuck energy from past injuries, physical or emotional, resulting in clarity and peace of mind and body.

Coaching Services

Private Yoga Session
Working together we will create a simple, effective program to be used daily supporting body, mind, spirit, and wellness.

One Session ... $200 

Integrative Life Coaching
Together we will develop lifestyle goals to facilitate sustainable change, promoting your whole health and well-being. 

Four Sessions ... $500 / Six Sessions ... $725 

Bodywork Services

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Payment: Checks & Cash Only
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