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Reiki Healing

Transformational Reiki Mentorship - 
Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Training

Together we build change, using our collective knowledge, skills, and desire to learn. This collaboration supports standing in your place of power with grace and wisdom. As you step into your full potential you increase your spiritual gifts, refining your intuitive ability while working with the I Am presence and your spirit guides. Let the Divine work with you! As we elevate our energy we vibrate with the collective consciousness, aligning with the greater source. Our heart-centered service supports our authentic self.


Each program is unique to the participant. We work together for five months in Zoom meetings. Local students have the opportunity of meeting in person.

Your investment in this program is $3250.00

Payment plan is available.

Tarot Cards

Advanced Tarot Mentorship

Together we will explore your understanding of Tarot and move into a deeper, intuitive arena, holding space for metaphysical and intuitive growth. We will work with each card, delving into the numerology, astrology, and spiritual aspects of the deck.

Come follow the rhythm of your soul’s journey through Tarot.

My experience began on my Yiayia’s lap reading coffee grinds to her neighbors. My lessons continued with many other vehicles of transformation until I found the Tarot. This is a service I have been blessed to use and I look forward to sharing with you.

This opportunity is specific to each individual. To learn more please contact me. May you always walk in peace.

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